How to Run Local TikTok Ads for Your Car Detailing or Film Installation Shop

How to create professional Car Detailing Facebook Ads.

This tutorial is for detailers who want to get more interior detailing jobs using Facebook Ads. It provides everything you need to start getting leads right away! Detailed Targeting, 7 Ad Copy Scripts, 5 Videos for Your Ads, & More. You simply follow our step-by-step videos on a computer, and you will be up and running in no time!

Facebook Business Manager Setup Tutorial

IMPORTANT: If you do not know what a business manager is watch these videos and make sure you have all of this setup before you start running ads. It is crucial to making sure you have the right setup. You may already have a “personal ad account” where you “BOOST’ your Facebook posts from and that is not the right account type and will not work for professional ads. This tutorial will show you how to set up the right type of ad account to run your ads.

Ceramic Coating Facebook Ads Tutorial

No matter what coating brand you use, this course will walk you through every step of creating a professional-level Facebook Ad Campaign for Ceramic Coatings. We provide multiple options for you including a Discount Strategy for Coatings & a Version for getting multi-year coating leads with no discount. Below you will find a list of resources for

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