How to Create Professional Ceramic Coating Ads on Facebook


Ceramic Coating Facebook Ads Step-By-Step Video Course for Car Detailers Who Want to take control of their own Ceramic Coating Marketing!
  1. Step-by-Step Videos Walking You Through Setup & Campaign Launch
  2. Proven Ceramic Coating Landing Page Templates
  3. Proven Ceramic Coating Facebook Ads Text (4+ Variations Just Copy & Paste)
  4. Proven Ceramic Coating Facebook Ads Targeting (Just Copy & Paste)
  5. Ceramic Coating Ad Example (Graphics)
  6. Ceramic Coating Sales Script To Help You Close More Jobs
  7. Access to Shop Positioner Academy Facebook Group
This online tutorial is perfect for Shop Owners who:
– Are interested in seeing exactly how professional marketers set up ads on Facebook (targeting, ad copy, etc.
– Are tired of marketers overpromising & underdelivering
– Are on a budget and don’t want to pay monthly for someone who is handling a million other accounts.
– Are great at selling coatings already and want to try a proven approach to running their own ads.
These are the same strategies that professional marketers charge you hundred or even thousands a month to set up for you.
This ceramic coating Facebook Ads Course/Video Tutorial was created by shop owners who rapidly grew their shops even through a pandemic. We have spent thousands of dollars testing these strategies with our own high-end shops.
BONUS: You also get 1-on-1 support in our Facebook Group “Shop Positioner Academy” to help you succeed and answer all of your questions about how to improve your ceramic coating facebook ads marketing.
These strategies have also been used with real shops all over the US & Canada that use: Ceramic Pro, IGL Coatings, Modesta, Feynlab, Undrdog Coatings, SB3, Fireball USA, & many more!

Ceramic Coating Facebook Ads Step-By-Step Video Course FAQ’s:

Q: Typically for how long you guys run a fresh new ceramic coating ad campaign before you adjust the campaign.

A: If you set the budget to $20+ a day on the campaign or if the campaign is spending more thatn $20/Day on ads, then you should be able to see results within 2-4 days. If you don’t get a singe lead in that time frame and you setup the targeting exactly like that in the course , Demographic, Ad Sets, Radius, etc. Then it’s time to try a new version of the ad.
Ideally you are testing either different graphics or different ad copy or BOTH at the same time.
Ad set 1 Targeting 1: version 1 ad copy version 1 graphic
Ad set 2 Targeting 2: version 1 ad copy version 1 graphic
If that was your setup or something similar, than you should try Version 2 ad copy maybe a shorter one or a longer one depending on what you used and try that for the next 1-2 days.
If that doesn’t start picking up leads, then try a different set of graphics or I strongly suggest trying a video of which I have 6 examples of video ads on this page:
The two most common scenarios for low to zero/little leads are low converting landing pages and graphics & shiny car photos won’t work in your area. You need to knuckle down and get a video made using the examples I provide and request a landing page audit by posting your landing page URL in the group. The same goes for your videos, post a video link and I will personally audit it and give you feedback on how to improve it.


How does the online tutorial work, and how do I use it?

Will this work for me if I am mobile?
Yes, the strategies in this tutorial have helped both shop and mobile detailers get more coating jobs.

Will this work for me if I am mobile?
This tutorial shows you the same exact service that I charge $500-$1000 a month for using the same system follow all the lessons!

How much ad spend do you need to get more coating leads?
The strategies in this tutorial work best with a budget of 15-30$ a day.

Does it matter what coating brand I am using?
No, ultimately all coatings offer very similar benefits like ease of maintenance, gloss, chemical resistance, etc. This tutorial will show you how to run ads for your own business so you don’t have to rely on your coating brand to get you leads or prestige.

No matter what coating brand you use, this tutorial will walk you through every step of creating a professional-level Facebook Ad Campaign for Ceramic Coatings. We provide multiple options for you including a Discount Strategy for Coatings & a Version for getting multi-year coating leads with no discount.

Do you offer ceramic coating marketing services for shops?

Yes, our ceramic coating marketing services are available for Google Ads, Facebook Ads, & Local Tiktok ads. You can learn more about them on our done-for-you service website https://shoppositioner.com/ceramic-coating-marketing/.


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