Ceramic Coating Google Ads Course (No Experience Necessary)


Want more Ceramic Coating Jobs through Google? This course will help you amplify your coating campaigns to get more qualified leads!

In this course, I will walk you through how to:

✅ Create Your Google Ads Account
✅ Set Your Coating Search Campaign Settings
✅ Set up your Segmented Ad Groups & Keywords (Just Copy & Paste from my document to your ads!
✅ Set the right headlines and ad copy (Just Copy & Paste)!
✅ Set the radius of your ads, and budget
✅ How to setup your Google Tracking Code on your Website or Landing page

I actively help detail, tint, wrap, & PPF shops through my agency, and I have created this course for those of you who want to setup the ads yourself to help you grow on a lower budget by not having to pay a “PRO”.

Not to mention, I also own a Coating, Tint, & PPF shop myself here in Fresno, CA. Prior to becoming a shop owner, I spent 10 years working at digital marketing and tech companies.

Questions? Here’s my personal FB: https://www.facebook.com/carloslunaisme


Are you running ceramic coating Google Ads with but aren’t getting good results? This DIY video course will help you amplify your leads. Having worked with over 300 shops in the past 3 years, Shop Positioner (Ceramic Coating Marketing Agency) has found that the number one reason Google Ads don’t do well is because they aren’t built properly and usually use a Smart Campaign mode when they should be using Expert Mode which allows you so much more control over the targeted keywords and ad groups.

Google wants you to spend money advertising on their platform so they have come up with an easy way to do so but unfortunately it’s just like boosting a post on Facebook and doesn’t lead to much accept money down the drain and no way to track leads on your site.

This course will teach you how to run ads using Expert Mode and you will be walked through our proprietary framework of segmenting keywords for higher click rates & quality scores which leads to a lower cost per click & cost per lead!

Expert Mode offers the full range of Google Ads features and campaign types. While it gives advertisers more complete control over their bidding strategies, it also requires more complex management.” Google.

Don’t forget to check out our Ceramic Coating Facebook Ads course as well where we show you how to use Facebook’s Power Editor and never boost a post again!

1 review for Ceramic Coating Google Ads Course (No Experience Necessary)

  1. Jeffrey Magoni

    I implemented all the ad extension settings from the video for the Google ads and those are doing well. The FB ads seem to be picking up again, too. I’m doing $20/day on those, the Google ads I rarely come close to hitting the $15/day for clicks, but the ads are good, I consistently show up #1 in searches even over some of the bigger shops in the area. I have to say, I’m getting better leads after tweaking things from the shoppositioner courses than I was getting paying an agency to do it +the ad spend. I have the FB adset at $20/day, but I think I’m going to bump it up some more.

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