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How to Run Local TikTok Ads for Your Car Detailing or Film Installation Shop


If you are a car detailer or film shop owner and want to run ads on TikTok Locally, this course is for you.

You need ZERO experience and NO you don’t need to have or post to a TikTok account to run ads.

I will cover Ceramic Coatings, Tint, Paint Correction in depth and you can use the same system for any other service you offer in the automotive car care or re-styling realm guaranteed.

I was able to get 640 leads for my own shop at an average rate of 8$ per lead with name, email, phone, year make model and it drastically helped us with local brand awareness.

I’ve also managed over 30,000 in ads on TikTok for other accounts this year alone. I will show you those accounts and videos in this course as well!

While running these ads for my shop I even had people calling the shop saying things like,” I just saw you on TikTok! I had no idea there was a shop like that locally!” almost daily!

Apart from the local awareness, the main goal is to get more sales. That’s what this course is all about, helping you run my secret video strategy (KEY) in your area.

DIY Tiktok Ads Course for Car Detailing that teaches you how to run ads on TikTok in your local area. No TikTok account required. You will learn how to run ads locally similar to Facebook Ads & Instagram ads. Your target audience scrolls through TikTok videos every day and this course will show you how to show your videos to them and start getting more leads for you detailing, PPF, Window Tint, Ceramic Coating Services & More. Be the first in your market to make a lasting impression on thousands of potential car owners as they scroll from video to video. Add this marketing strategy to your arsenal right next to Google Ads & Facebook Ads.


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